Freshwater Shrimp Keeping and Shrimp Safe Products from Brightwell Aquatics


Ornamental shrimps are insanely popular right now and the demand for products that promote healthy shrimp keeping is more than ever. Introducing Brightwell Aquatics Shrimp Safe supplements. A line of 12 curated products, certified shrimp safe, for the avid shrimp keeper. Let’s dive a little deeper into what each of these products are and how to use them.


Safely removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia and detoxifies heavy metals.
Most hobbyists start out using tap water for their freshwater planted and shrimp tap. Some TDS is actually desirable for nutrition and growth of plants. However tap water has chlorine and can also have chloramines which are made up of chlorine and ammonia. ShrimpPrep removes these and also detoxifies heavy metals like copper making the water safe for immediate use.

NeoTiger KH+/GH+ and Caridina GH+

Establishes mineral balance in purified (RO/DI) and soft water.
Shrimp, other invertebrates, and aquatic plants require that specific elements be present in the water to aid with osmotic balance and ensure proper biochemical function, contributing to overall long-term health and survival. NeoTiger KH+/GH+ and Caridina GH+ fulfills this requirement with a formulation based on data compiled from up-to-date aquatic research. Provides a beneficial ratio of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium, elements which are vital to the overall health and osmoregulation of fishes, invertebrates, and many aquatic plants. When using RO water, there is no need to use ShrimpPrep.

Blackwater Clear

Provides humic substances for all shrimp & freshwater fish planted biotopes with much less color. Adding botanicals to a freshwater aquarium provides humic substances for all shrimp & freshwater fish and planted biotopes. Humic substances are natural derivatives of organic materials found in soils and, more importantly, in many forested streams and rivers. A characteristic of humic substances is their deep brown color, which is responsible for the color of soil. Botanicals take some time to breakdown in the water which makes BlackwaterClear a valuable additive. Gradually increasing the concentration of humic substances in aquaria is an effective method of encouraging spawning in fishes.

FlorinBacter One

Complete tank starter bioculture for all freshwater shrimp, fish & planted aquaria.
FlorinBacter One is primarily designed to jump start the ammonia cycle in freshwater planted and shrimp aquariums and prevent “New Tank Syndrome.” It will instantly create a biological filter in freshwater aquaria of all types and is particularly useful for freshwater shrimp and planted aquariums. It removes toxic ammonia and nitrite naturally through bacterial oxidation. You still need to use ShrimpPrep to remove chlorine and chloramines in the water, both of which are lethal to the bacteria in this product.


Complete bioculture for all freshwater shrimp and freshwater fish & planted aquaria. Brightwell Aquatics ShrimpFlorinBacter7 is a selective complex of extremely effective microbes and enzymes that rapidly reduces the concentrations of organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and organic carbon in freshwater ecosystems, leading to greatly improved water quality; better water quality typically leads to healthier aquarium inhabitants.


Trace and minor elements for shrimp and other crustaceans & riverine fishes.
The role that trace and minor elements play with shrimp, other crustaceans and riverine fishes is related to neurological and metabolic processes, as well as overall coloration. Dosing a trace and minor supplement with every water change performed is an effective method of delivering these substances for maximum benefit. Parameters within the following ranges is generally acceptable: pH 6.5 – 7.5; dGH 4 – 6; dKH 3 – 4; however, obtaining the water parameters in which your shrimp were bred and maintaining them in these conditions is the best practice to follow.

Shrimp FlorinMulti

Complete multi-nutrient fertilizer for planted shrimp or freshwater fish aquaria with iron. Nutrients are substances required by plants for survival; they are collectively involved in all aspects of the biological and chemical reactions that allow plants to function properly. Brightwell Aquatics Shrimp FlorinMulti provides these substances in concentrations found by researchers to be necessary for long-term health of tropical aquatic plants including Potassium, Boron, Carbon, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and others.


Iodide supplement for ornamental shrimp. Shrimp, lobsters, and crabs share in common an exoskeleton composed of a chitin/calcium carbonate composite material. The growth of crustaceans involves secretion of a new exoskeleton and molting of the old one. Iodine addition to closed aquatic systems housing crustaceans has been consistently shown to elicit molting in specimens that had not done so previously. Florin-I provides iodine and iodide, the former in a time-release low-level method, the latter as a free ion.

Shrimp FlorinGrō+

Multi-component fertilizer & planted nitrogenous growth accelerator.
Nitrogen is required by plants in the largest amounts of the three major nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  In heavily-planted aquaria with intense lighting, CO2 supplementation, and/or a minimal stocking of fish, nitrogen can become a limiting nutrient in plant growth. Nitrogen deficiency tends to cause new leaves to be smaller and paler than normal, and overall plant growth to be stunted. The source of nitrogen utilized in Shrimp FlorinGrō+ is derived from nitrate compounds. Nitrogen should primarily be present as nitrate and maintained at a concentration of less than 20 ppm.

Shrimp Vītamarin F

Advanced freshwater multi-vitamin supplement for all shrimp, other crustaceans & fish. Vitamins are compounds required in minute concentrations for vital metabolic reactions. Short-term vitamin deficiencies can typically be tolerated by most organisms, however long-term deficiencies tend to result in abnormalities, poor health, and eventually even death of the specimen. It is recommended that Shrimp Vītamarin F be utilized as a soak for vitamin-deficient foods, or it may be added directly to the aquarium water, to benefit any plankton, biofilm or algae that may be present and become food sources.

FlorinBacter Clean

Unique freshwater microbial culture & enzyme blend designed to target and clean surfaces of plants, driftwood decorations & tank walls.
Brightwell Aquatics ShrimpFlorinBacter Clean is a selective complex of extremely effective microbes and enzymes that not only reduce the concentrations of organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and organic carbon in all freshwater ecosystems, but make maintenance easy by actually loosening accumulations and coatings.

With the help of Brightwell Aquatics, shrimp keeping is easier than it has been before. Made in USA. 

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