NeoNitro: Balanced Nitrogen Source for Nitrogen-Limited, Low-Nutrient Reef Aquaria

Brightwell NeoNitro is a balanced nitrogen source for an Ultra Low Nutrient System (ULNS). It has long since recommended a Nitrate level of 5 ppm or less is best for coral tanks. More often than not we are fighting to keep Nitrates low so it may seem odd that we have a product that actually adds Nitrates to your reef. However, with the ULNS adding a nitrogen source to keep levels above zero helps with the natural uptake of phosphates.

Nitrates are necessary building blocks for corals, and their nutrition. Corals can starve, and pale in color, if not provided with adequate nutrition, which includes both Nitrates and Phosphates. 

Successfully-operated low-nutrient and ultra-low-nutrient reef systems rely upon a balance of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Beneficial microbes rely on this balance to efficiently remove latent organic material by means of consuming it and converting it into additional microbial biomass. The result is a perpetual supply of planktonic microbes that is exported from the system via protein skimming and/or captured by corals and other suspension-feeding invertebrates. 

The ability of microbes to remove nutrients from their surroundings relies upon the presence of adequate supplies of organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus; if any one of these nutrients is not present in adequate supply, microbial uptake slows or ceases and the concentrations of the remaining nutrients increases as nutrient input continues. 

Even if you choose to keep your nutrients ultra low, they should still be measurable and read above zero. NeoNitro safely adds nitrates to your system.

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