Xport Ca Clam Hammock

Size: 1 Count
Sale price$5.82


  • Zooxanthellate Marine Bivalve Bed Composed of Xport-Ca.

  • Keeps Tridacnid clams and their allies cradled, facing aquarium lighting, and off of the aquarium substrate.
  • Open, porous “foamed aragonite” composition is readily and rapidly adhered to by bivalves.

  • Simplifies placement of zooxanthellate clams, and enables relocation without undue risk of damage to the tender foot or glands that cement the specimen into place.

  • Enables unhindered growth small cultured specimens to reach large proportions in captivity.
  • Average surface area of 500,000 ft2 per cubic foot for colonization by beneficial nitrifying bacteria.
  • Blends seamlessly with mature live rock in a matter of weeks under normal reef water and lighting conditions.

  • Made in the USA.

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