The Continuum advantage.

Highly effective Rescue•Frags Frag Dip is a much more gentle cleaner and acclimation dip than other dips. While it will remove parasites, it is primarily designed to remove pathogens (RTN, STN, Black Band, Brown Jelly etc.) that could transfer disease into the aquarium. It boosts the immune system of the coral and is a prophylactic cleaner, conditioner, and will assist in acclimating corals to their new environment. It will accelerate coral recovery after fragging, and encourage regeneration of coral tissue from wounds or cuts. It is safe for dipping soft and stony corals, anemones, mushrooms and zoas. It is great for cleaning coral facilities or tanks as a wipe down or soak between uses.

Tips for use.

Use of a snow white bucket, or placing a paper towel below a clear dip container will allow much better inspection of the corals or frags. It is recommended that you place newly acquired corals into a quarantine holding tank immediately after dipping to allow for further inspection prior to adding them into your aquarium.

Precautions: Not for use directly in aquariums, for use as a dip for new live corals or a cleaner for empty systems only!!! Consult our website or an appropriate reference source for cleaning and acclimation of new corals of the species you are adding.

Directions and protocol.

Shake well immediately before use! May be used with whole corals or coral frags. Safe for LPS, SPS, and soft corals. Wear rubber gloves & eye protection when using! Remove 1/2 gallon of aquarium saltwater from the aquarium that will house your new corals and place in a large plastic bucket or bowl. Add 20 ml (4 capfuls) of Rescue•Frags, Frag Dip concentrate from this bottle. Place a powerhead or airstone in the container to circulate the water gently. Add your new corals to the dip for 5 minutes (use a timer). During dipping, using a syringe or turkey baster to blow dip forcefully against coral between branches and in crevaces will greatly improve dip cleaning efficiency. If areas of the coral have receeded or are dead or dying, then gently brush dip into those areas with a soft bristle brush or cotton swab. Discard Dip. Used dip may become toxic to corals if re-used.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested, drink a full glass of water then call a poison control center immediately! If in eyes flush with water, consult a doctor.