The Continuum advantage.

Highly effective Rescue•Coral is designed to treat corals directly in the aquarium. It is primarily designed to treat RTN, STN, Black Band, White Band, White Paste and Brown Jelly pathogens and will also aid in preventing their spread in the aquarium, without damaging the biological filter bacteria. It boosts the immune system of the coral and helps it resist pathogens. It will accelerate coral recovery after fragging, and encourage regeneration of coral tissue from wounds or cuts. It is safe for soft and stony corals, anemones, mushrooms and zoas, as well as all species of marine fish and other invertebrates.

Use in Aquarium Keeping

Corals need mineral nutrients! A good system to employ for your corals is the Continuum Coral Color Intense System. It will provide a wide range of top quality mineral nutrients for your corals. As a minimum, boost strontium levels using Reef•Basis Strontium when pathogens are present and use Coral Exponential to provide amino acids so that corals can rebuild their tissue. Corals have mouths for a reason, they need to eat. Continuum makes a solid range of real planktonic coral foods such as Zoo•Blast and Phyto•Blast. Rotating coral foods makes sense to provide variety. You can also use Continuum Ocean Snow, Micro•Blast and Chroma•Blast.

Interactions: Do not use Rescue•Coral simultaneously with other Rescue treatments because they have the same active ingredient and you may overdose. If you are treating your corals, you will treat your fish also, and vice versa. Do not use with other medications, unless allowed on our website.

Directions and protocol.

Shake well immediately before use! Remove chemical filtration such as carbon because it will remove the active ingredients. Add 5 ml (1/2 capful) of Rescue•Coral for every 10 gallons (38 L) of aquarium water in an area of strong water flow in the main tank (and not just before your biological filter). Treat for 7 days at the same time each day. Corals will temporarily react negatively to the product. Rescue•Coral may cause excess foaming of the protein skimmer. If this happens, adjust skimmer to prevent excess foaming. If symptoms are absent, treatment may be stopped. Change 25% of the water, carefully matching salinity, pH and temperature. Add fresh Labyrinth Carbon. Prophylactic use when adding new animals: Dose as above for only 3 days. If symptoms are absent, discontinue use, do a 10% water change and add new carbon filtration media.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested, drink a full glass of water then call a poison control center immediately! If in eyes flush with water, consult a doctor if irritation persists. Not for human consumption or use on fish or invertebrates for human consumption.