Sinking Pellet Xtreme Color for LPS Corals & Anemones


  • Soft sinking pellet, beneficial to LPS Corals (Acanthastrea, Micromussa, Scolymia, Cataphyllia, Euphyllia, Duncans, Open Brains) large polyps, both solitary and colony types and all types of Anemones. Also loved by many marine fish and marine shrimp!
  • Bio pigment rich pellet with Astaxanthin for true deep reds and oranges
  • Provides marine planktonic and other rich marine proteins, essential marine oils and elements utilized in formation of aragonite.
  • Simple to use. Easy target feeding of individual polyps. The pellet sinks, so it will drop on the polyp or anemone you release it over.

Instructions & Guidelines

Store tightly closed in a cool dry location. For best results, shut down pumps. Target feed individual polyps by using 1 to 2 pellets per coral. For large corals, you can add more if desired. Can also be used to feed fish and shrimp. For smaller polyps, you can break the pellets in half or even smaller pieces, if desired. Do not broadcast feed because you might overfeed the aquarium.

If you desire to soak the pellets, you may use CoralAminō, Vitamarin M, Vītamarin-C or Restōr or a combination. Do not soak for more than 2 minutes. You may also add these products later in the day, directly to the aquarium to increase nutrition.