Boost nutritional diversity,increase coloration and growth rate with professional quality amino acids, vital proteins and vitamin complexes


Corals capture small plankton and food particles from the water column for their nutritional needs. This Reef Blizzard Deluxe Feeding Kit enables aquarists to custom blend planktonic suspensions to suit their corals needs in mixed reefs. Packed with amino acids, natural plankton, nutritious vital protein blends, and vitamins; the feeds contained will foster vibrant colors, excellent polyp extension and increased growth rates, while also boosting the coral’s immune system and promoting overall health and vigor. The kit contains high quality coral foods, Brightwell Aquatics most sought after formulations - the same ones used by professional coral farmers. These are proven, results oriented, formulations made of the finest ingredients available, selected particularly to allow hobbyists to successfully blend food formulations that fit the nutritional needs of their systems.


1 - 25gram pack of Reef Blizzard O
1 - 25gram pack of Reef Blizzard S
1 - 25gram pack of Reef Blizzard L
1 - 25gram pack of Reef Blizzard X
1 - 10gram pack of Copepods
1 - 10gram pack of Rotifers
1 - 30 ml bottle Coral Amino
1 - 30 ml bottle Vita Marin M
1 - 30 ml bottle Vita Marin C
1 - 30 ml bottle Restor
1 - 5 ml Syringe
1 - Dry Scoop