The Continuum advantage.

Power•Cleanse CC is an extremely powerful, highly activated catalytic carbon containing huge numbers of mesopores and macropores, suited to direct adsorption of a wide range of organic pollutants in tap water, as well as marine, brackish and freshwater aquaria. It will significantly raise the ORP (unlike standard carbon) and it will outperform any standard carbon because of its catalytic action. Unlike standard carbon, Power•Cleanse CC will also remove toxic chloramine, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from tap or aquarium water. Power•Cleanse CC is powerful, you don’t need much!

Use in Water Filtration:

Reverse osmosis filter membranes can be damaged by chloramine or chlorine, and they don’t remove chloramine for your aquarium. Standard carbon removes chlorine only, not chloramine and also converts much of the chloramine to toxic ammonia. Power•Cleanse CC, when placed ahead of the membrane, will remove the ammonia & chloramine as well as hydrogen sulfide to make the water safe for the membrane and your aquarium. Load a refillable filter media cartridge and place after the sediment filter and carbon block prior to the membrane in your reverse osmosis system. Change Power•Cleanse CC every 5,000 gallons (including waste water) or once a year, whichever comes first.

Directions and protocol.

Rinse well in cold filtered freshwater, preferably RO or distilled water, but tap water may be used. Place loosely in a polyester filter bag or filter chamber and position to force water flow through the carbon. For best results, use a particulate prefilter ahead of the carbon, such as filter floss or fine sponge. Start with about 1/4 gram of Power•Cleanse CC catalytic carbon per gallon of aquarium capacity, or about 1/5 cupful per 100 US gallons (400 L). You may gradually increase the dose, if desired. Power•Cleanse CC is powerful, start slow.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. Contains activated catalytic carbon, if ingested drink water. If in eyes flush with water.