Use in aquarium keeping.

Most parasite infections are deadly to aquarium fish and are well established long before the hobbyist notices them. It is therefore necessary to act quickly to have a hope of survival.

Uses vary by type of aquarium, alkalinity levels and other criteria so consult an authoritative guide for the proper use of ionic copper solutions for the animals you are keeping prior to use.

For fish only marine systems:

0.15 to 0.20 mg/l (or ppm) is the generally accepted normal range for treatment.

Dosing should occur slowly over 2 to 3 days to reach the target level. Start out with half the intended dosage.

Because amount of algae present, substrates used and other materials can absorb copper, achieving specific dosages can be challenging.

An accurate copper test kit is absolutely required and must be used regularly, as well as the user must be alert and constantly monitoring levels and all conditions, or fish can be lost easily.

To provide for the best conditions, Continuum recommends treating animals in a bare quarantine aquarium. This will also prevent re-release of copper later by materials housed in the aquarium or algae dying off. Treatment period may be 3 to 4 weeks and even longer.

For fish only freshwater systems:

Proper levels vary widely by species treated and alkalinity of the aquarium. It is necessary therefore to consult an authoritative source to calculate proper usage amounts. If freshwater aquarium alkalinity is below 100 ppm, it is not safe to use copper in the aquarium. It is up to the user to determine if it is appropriate to use copper in their aquarium.

Directions and protocol.

Medtec Copper is designed for use by professionals only. Do not use in aquariums containing corals or other invertebrates or sharks, rays or scaleless fish! Medtec Copper will increase the ionic copper concentration by 0.20 ppm for each ml in 20 U.S. gallons of water ( 76 L ). Each thread in cap is approximately 1 ml and the entire cap contains 5 ml. All copper products can kill your fish if administered incorrectly. Do not overdose! Always test to determine actual concentration.

Precautions: For use in Fish Only aquariums. Not for use in aquariums containing live plants or invertebrates or those containing scaleless fish! Consult an appropriate reference source for the use of ionic copper solutions for the type of aquarium you intend to use the product in. Remove carbon or resins prior to use. Many times it is better to treat fish in a quarantine tank.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. Contains coral food, if ingested drink water. If in eyes flush with water.