Eliminates reactive phosphate to improve water clarity and health of pond and/or water garden habitat


• Helps eliminate cloudy water; a useful tool to improve clarity in ponds on public display.

• Begins to eliminate reactive phosphate immediately upon addition to pond or water garden.

• Helps reduce phosphate in heavily-fed ponds.

• May be used on an ongoing basis to help control phosphate.

• Safe for use with all pond fishes, plants, and invertebrates.

• Each ml eliminates 1 ppm phosphate in 10 US-gallons (38 L) of water (500 ml treats 5,000 US-gallons (18,925 L)).


Technical Background

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Instructions and Guidelines

Determine phosphate concentration in pond prior to first use by testing with an accurate test kit. Do not use after sun down. Shake product well before using. Replace or rinse mechanical filtration material prior to use. Do not “free pour” FlorinXPhos into pond, which may result in excessive, persistent cloudiness.

Add FlorinXPhos to pond or water garden near the intake of a mechanical filter. Recommended dosage is 1 capful (~5 ml) of FlorinXPhos per 50 US-gallons (189 L). Operate pumps for at least 24 hours following dosing to ensure adequate reaction time and optimal circulation. Re-apply in 24 hours if necessary or desired.

After application of FlorinXPhos, mechanical filtration media will gradually begin to clog as bound phosphate particles are trapped. When the flow rate of water through the filter seems to have slowed significantly, or water is pooling on top of the filter pad, replace or rinse the filtration media and repeat as necessary. 

In ponds with excessively-high phosphate content, water may become temporarily cloudy after application of FlorinXPhos; this cloudiness should dissipate rapidly. If cloudiness persists for more than 6 hours, then FlorinClear may be used to flocculate suspended particles, improving water clarity.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Active Ingredients

Proprietary phosphate binders.

Other Ingredients: Purified water.