Immediately improves water quality in ponds and water gardens


• Immediately improves pond water quality by oxidizing fish and snail waste and decaying plant tissue, and decreasing nutrient content that normally encourages algae growth.

• Dramatically improves water clarity.

• Safe for use with all fishes, invertebrates, and plants.

• Particularly useful in heavily-stocked, heavily-fed ponds.

Technical Background

FlorinRedox is a useful tool for addressing sudden increases in pond bioload (e.g. fish stocking) and in dealing with excess waste due to overfeeding or plant material decomposition. If decaying organic material is readily accessible and removable, it should be physically-removed from the pond (and not left to decompose) as quickly as possible to facilitate the fastest improvement in water quality. Note that although FlorinRedox will immediately begin reacting with organic material to lessen its’ impact on the pond inhabitants, it should not be thought of as a “silver bullet” that will cure all problems associated with a sudden, massive spike in organics; it is highly unlikely that any single approach, aside from making an immediate large-scale water change and removing all visible traces of latent particulate organic material, will accomplish this task before a negative impact on pond inhabitants is noticed. Therefore, no warranties, implied or otherwise, are made as to the ability of this supplement to prevent the associated impact on inhabitants that is the result of poor water quality.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If in eyes, flush for 15 minutes with water, including under eyelids. If ingested, give large quantities of water. Contact a physician immediately. Wash off of skin immediately; contact with skin or organic fibers will result in a stain.

Instructions and Guidelines

Read instructions completely before use. Do not overdose. Shake container well before each use. Store indoors, above 50° F (10° C).

Recommended dosage is 5-ml (1 capful on 500-ml bottle; 1/2-capful on 2-L bottle) per 75 US-gallons (284 L) once daily for up to 7 consecutive days. Allow at least 7 days before re-dosing. Do not use in ponds lacking adequate latent organic material (“waste”) to react with; in pond systems less than 30-days old; within 12-hours of performing a water change of more than 25% of the total system volume. Remove activated carbon from system prior to use, and discontinue ozone use for 7 days prior to addition of FlorinRedox. Wait two days after addition of new plants, fishes, or invertebrates before using FlorinRedox. Use of FlorinRedox may temporarily discolor water a shade of magenta, which will then become tea-colored as organic material is oxidized; the water will gradually become clear afterwards. Use of activated carbon 1 hour after dosing with FlorinRedox will speed the clarifying process. To neutralize immediately, add an equal volume of FlorinErase to the system in an area of high water flow. If monitoring, do not allow ORP to exceed ~450 mV. 

Active Ingredients

Proprietary blend of manganese salts.

Other Ingredients: Purified water.