The Continuum advantage.

Flora•Viv GH+ is a high quality, multi-component blended mixture of dissolvable solids, many times referred to as General Hardness (GH) or degrees German Hardness (dGH or Gesamtehaerte). It primarily includes multi-valent cations, such as magnesium and calcium, but also includes needed potassium and a full range of trace minerals. When mixed with filtered soft water, it will convert those filtered waters into a natural environment in which freshwater fish, invertebrates and plants will thrive. Maintaining proper GH is essential for the long-term health of all freshwater animals and plants, but is particularly important to fish and invertebrates from hardwater regions, such as Central America, Australia, and New Guinea. Flora•Viv GH+ increases both GH and total dissolved solids (TDS). When using reverse osmosis, deionized, or distilled water for hardwater aquaria, first use this product to reach the desired GH, then use Reconstitute RO, if necessary, to reach the desired TDS. (This product is not designed for very softwater species such as discus and altum angels. For those fishes, use Continuum Reconstitute RO instead of this product.) Continuum recommends that you also use Discus Elements•T or Cichlid Elements•T on an ongoing basis to replenish trace minerals, as needed.

Use in aquarium keeping.

The combination of soft or filtered water and Flora•Viv GH+ creates an environment with sufficient hardness and trace minerals to keep almost any freshwater or brackish species.

Directions and protocol.

For general aquarium use, dissolve 1 gram, about 1/4 teaspoon of product for each 5 gallons ( 19 L ) of aquarium capacity during initial tank set up and for water changes.

Expert use.

Mixed freshwater fish normally require 160 to 230 ppm TDS or 3 to 6 degrees GH. Consult a book for the correct TDS (total dissolved solids) and GH for the type of fish you are keeping. You should measure both TDS & GH, because GH only measures hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium and misses monovalent ions, while TDS measures all ions in solution. This product will raise GH more than it will raise TDS and Reconstitute RO will raise TDS more than it will raise GH. Using the two, you can raise each independently, if desired. Consult our website for more details. Also adjust KH as necessary, using Flora•Viv KH+. Next adjust pH using the appropriate products, if necessary.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, contact a poison control center. If in eyes flush with water.